A Tribute to Jean-Marc Vallée

To commemorate the amazing career of the late filmmaker Jean-Marc Vallée, we partnered with Mediafilm to organize a special national tribute to his exceptional body of work for NCFD 2022. There were online and in person screenings, including a special event in Toronto presented by Cinéfranco, an event in Vancouver presented by VIFF, and screenings of Vallée’s masterpiece C.R.A.Z.Y. across Canada and around the world (in seven countries). 

This event has passed. Many screenings of C.R.A.Z.Y. featured a prerecorded Q&A with star Marc-André Grondin. If you would like to watch the Q&A, watch below:

Many of these events also featured prerecorded remembrances from those who knew him and were inspired by him, including: 

  • Évelyne Brochu
  • Pierre-Luc Brillant
  • Atom Egoyan
  • Marc-André Grondin
  • Danielle Proulx

Please enjoy this celebration of the life and legacy of one of our nation’s great filmmakers.

Full event listings: 

Big Giant Wave (2020) | VIFF Centre VanCity Theatre
followed by live Q&A with writer/director Marie-Julie Dallaire

C.R.A.Z.Y. (2005) | Royal Theatre, Toronto

followed by a tribute to Jean-Marc Vallée

Many independent theatres also participated.

The following cinemas in Quebec ran a special double-feature of Cafe de Flore and C.R.A.Z.Y., preceded by prerecorded remembrances and followed by a prerecorded Q&A with actor Marc-André Grondin. These screenings were presented in partnership with Mediafilm:

  • Montréal : Cinéma Beaubien
  • Shawinigan : Place Biermans
  • Sherbrooke : La Maison du cinéma
  • Rimouski : Cinéma Paraloeil
  • St Eustache : cinéma St-Eustache
  • Quebec : Le Clap
  • Chicoutimi : Cinéma Odyssée
  • Granby : Cinéma Élysée
  • Cote Nord : cinéma 7 îles
  • Îles de la Madeleine : cinéma Cyrco
  • Amqui : Cinéma Figaro