Save the Date! National Canadian Film Day is on April 18, 2018

December 12, 2017

REEL CANADA encourages all Canadians to carry on the legacy of the World’s Largest Film Festival — Ever

TORONTO — December 12, 2017 — REEL CANADA is thrilled to announce that the party isn’t over! National Canadian Film Day (NCFD) will take place on April 18, 2018.

As the sesquicentennial year draws to a close, REEL CANADA is reflecting on the incredible success of NCFD 150 – more than 1,800 screenings across Canada and around the world, attended by an estimated 172,000 Canadians with another million watching on air or online.

“Really this is a classic case of ‘back by popular demand’,” said Jack Blum, executive director, REEL CANADA. “Canadians had a blast last April and they want to watch more Canadian film,” said Sharon Corder, artistic director, REEL CANADA.

This year we are returning to our do-it-yourself roots and encouraging and empowering Canadians to carry on the legacy of NCFD 150 on their own. Whatever the year, we know that NCFD still has the power to unite our nation through film.

NCFD will focus on many exciting opportunities online and through our broadcast partners, with several high-profile events across the country. We are also pleased to announce the return of RCtv, our interactive webcast for high school students. Early bird registration deadline is December 15. In 2017, 160 schools and over 15,000 students parcicipated in RCtv.

For more information about NCFD, please check early in the new year for exciting updates and more detailed information about our plans.


REEL CANADA is a non-profit, charitable organization that promotes the diversity of Canadian film and its power to spark important conversations about our nation and what it means to be Canadian. Through our three core programmes — Our Films in Our Schools, Welcome to Canada and National Canadian Film Day (NCFD) — REEL CANADA has reached hundreds of thousands of high school students, new Canadians, and general audience members. The 2017 edition of National Canadian Film Day, in honour of the nation’s sesquicentennial, was the World’s Largest Film Festival Ever, with more than 1,800 screenings of Canadian films across the country and around the world. Through its programmes, REEL CANADA increases audiences for our films, encourages dialogue and provides an opportunity to enjoy our great nation through the wonderful stories we tell.


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