Canadian Film Institute presents L’Inhumain

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L’Inhumain (The Inhuman)

Director: Jason Brennan (Anishinaabe) Run Time: 85min Genre(s): Thriller

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Mathieu (Samian) may be a brilliant and successful neurosurgeon, but his life is far from perfect. When his long-term prescription drug habit is exposed, and his wife discovers he’s been having an affair, Mathieu faces professional and personal consequences. His father’s sudden death prompts Mathieu’s return to the northern Anishinaabe community of his youth and the remote forest cabin where he goes to scatter his father’s ashes. But what begins as a respite from his chaotic life to a place he thought he’d left far behind becomes a battle with something far darker. Haunted by painful memories and hunted by the legendary Wendigo, Mathieu faces demons both figurative and literal.       

A rare French-language Indigenous genre film, L’inhumain is the directorial debut of Anishinaabe producer and writer Jason Brennan. It’s a thrilling and evocative parable about the dangers of feeding the monster inside.   

Cast: Samian (Algonquin), Véronique Beaudet, Jeanne Roux-Cote, Sonia Vigneault
Film language(s): French
This film is subtitled in: English

Venue: ByTowne Cinema

Date: April 20, 2022

Time: 6:45 PM EDT

Ticket price: Free

Event Primary Language: French

Guest(s): Jason Brennan (Anishinaabe), Samian (Algonquin), Philippe Commanda (Anishinaabe), Jolene Commanda (Anishinaabe), Odeshkun Thusky (Anishinaabe), Andy Dewache (Anishinaabe)

Event Details:
The Ontario premiere of Jason Brennan’s feature film L’Inhumain, one of the first French-language Indigenous genre films of its kind, in Ottawa with the Canadian Film Institute. Reserve your free tickets.

ByTowne Cinema, 325 Rideau St, Ottawa, ON, K1N 5Y4
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