A Place to Stand

Director: Christopher Chapman Year: 1967 Run Time: 20min

A brilliant documentary and arguably the most influential film to be produced for Expo 67, A Place to Stand was the work of Christopher Chapman, commissioned for the Ontario Pavilion at Expo '67. A Place to Stand took two years to film, edit and process at a cost of half a million dollars.  Almost 40 miles of film were shot to produce the most comprehensive view ever recorded of Ontario's landscape, industry and people. The images, meant to represent all aspects of life in Ontario, included natural landscapes, forests, agriculture, and rural and urban life in the province as well as icons old and new like Niagara Falls, the St Lawrence Seaway, and Toronto City Hall. All of it was presented without narration. Instead, the images were accompanied by a lush soundtrack, the product of a forty-five-piece orchestra and a fifteen- member choir.


Christopher Chapman


David Mackay, Christopher Chapman





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