Mohawk Girls

Director: Tracey Deer (Mohawk) Year: 2005 Run Time: 55min
Mohawk Girls (2005)

For three teenage girls growing up in Kahnawake — and indeed, all teenagers on the reserve — life can be quite confusing. If they want to move away to pursue new experiences — perhaps in nearby Montreal — they risk losing credibility, or worse yet, their rights as Mohawk women. Of course, if they stay, their opportunities in the tiny community are limited.

With insight, humour and heart, director Tracey Deer (who left Kahnawake to attend school and pursue filmmaking) returns to her community to follow these Mohawk girls and tell their stories. Her deeply emotional documentary reveals the complex hope, heartache and promise of growing up Indigenous in the 21st century.


Tracey Deer (Mohawk)


Tracey Deer (Mohawk)


Christina Fon, Linda Ludwick, Adam Symansky, Joanne Robertson






Mohawk Girls is filmed and set in Quebec. Tracy Deer and Neil Diamond are from Quebec.

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