Mr. Viral

Director: Alex Boothby Year: 2013 Run Time: 157min

A dark satire about viral marketing, click-bait and gutter-porn.  In the trenches of a struggling advertising agency three desperate execs become consumed by their secret online lives.  A twisted agency producer takes radical steps to sell his client’s wholesome products, re-branding children's toys as sex toys and adult diapers as kink-wear.  His covert viral videos inspire an underground cult following and spark a violent confrontation with his arch agency rival.  Meanwhile, a heart-broken account-girl frantically tries to uncover her wife's infidelity but becomes victim of an e-stalking extortion racket.  A lonely, middle-aged accountant searches the dark-web for companionship, but learns the true cost of free-love online.  Spiraling into madness, each story becomes linked by the mysterious character of Mr. Viral, digital pimp.


Alex Boothby


Alex Boothby


Janine Short, Drazen Baric


Action/Adventure, Romance



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