Director: Alan Zweig Year: 2021 Run Time: 87min

With his self-reflexive 2000 film Vinyl, Alan Zweig kicked off a storied documentary career and explored the motivations that drive the obsessive passion of vinyl record collectors. Now he returns to the well with Records, a sequel that finds the filmmaker taking on old interests with a new perspective. It’s as introspective as ever, albeit with some updates – his self-interviews in the mirror are now shot with an iPhone camera instead of a Hi8 camcorder – but it’s more than the tech that has changed.      

While the Zweig of twenty years ago tackled the subject with an indelible blend of compassion and self-excoriation, now he gives viewers a pure celebration of crate-digging enthusiasts. Offering a look at the countless sleeves lining the shelves of collectors’ homes, and the minds that curate them, Records captures the thrill of the hunt without the urge to interrogate it. After all, maybe the journey is more important than the motivation for it. 


Alan Zweig


Alan Zweig