The High Cost of Living

Director: Deborah Chow Year: 2010 Run Time: 92min
The High Cost of Living (Le prix à payer) (2010)

When Henry (Braff) makes a wrong turn and runs his car into Nathalie (Blais), he’s horrified by what he’s done. A drug dealer who’s terrified of being found by the police, Henry takes off, leaving Nathalie — eight months pregnant and unconscious — lying in the street.

In the days to come, Henry is overcome by guilt and sets out to find the woman he hit. Her life nearly destroyed by the accident, Nathalie needs a friend, and ends up finding one in the compassionate and charming Henry. Slowly, Nathalie comes out of her shell and starts to rebuild her life.

As their unlikely relationship develops, Henry must work hard to conceal his real identity and keep the truth from ruining his new friendship.


Deborah Chow


Deborah Chow


Kim Berlin, Susan Schneir


Zach Braff, Isabelle Blais, Patrick Labbé




English, Dubbed in French


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Dubbed in French


The High Cost of Living is filmed and set in Quebec. Deborah Chow is from Ontario.

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