The Incredible 25th Year of Mitzi Bearclaw

Director: Shelley Niro (Kanien'kehaka) Year: 2019 Run Time: 96min

When Mitzi Bearclaw (Angeline) turns 25, it’s time to start making big decisions for the future. Her dream to design cool hats is put on hold when she chooses to move from the city back to her isolated reserve to look after her sick mother.

With the reserve bully (Supernault) constantly at her heels and an old flame (Kapashesit) suddenly back in her life, she is grateful that her cousin (Martin) is there to help her in the fight to stay positive under trying circumstances. With a lot of laughs along the way, Mitzi embarks on a quest to get her family back on the right track!


Shelley Niro (Kanien'kehaka)


Shelley Niro (Kanien'kehaka)


Amos Adetuyi, Floyd Kane, Shelley Niro (Kanien'kehaka)


MorningStar Angeline (Navajo/Shoshone/Chippewa Cree/Blackfoot), Gary Farmer (Cayuga), Roseanne Supernault (Cree/Métis), Gail Maurice (Métis), Ajuawak Kapashesit (Ojibway/Cree)




English, Other Language

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