Grabbing NCFD 150 by the Tail (Beaverton, ON)

April 5, 2017

We love it when an entire community gets involved with National Canadian Film Day 150 (NCFD 150). For NCFD 150, the town of Beaverton, Ontario is planning an entire day to celebrate Canadian film, history and the technical crafts involved in movie making. Beaverton has a longstanding interest in film: To this day, the lobby of the Strand Theatre proudly displays the hand-cranked Edison Projecting Kinetoscope that Bill White brought to the town in 1897 to show what may have been the first moving pictures in Canada.

For all of April 19, the Beaverton Town Hall will be turned into a cinema. They are programming a whopping six films in a row about real-life stories or events. In the morning, Beaverton residents (and their kids!) can catch A BEAR NAMED WINNIE, the true story of the bear who inspired A.A. Milne’s beloved children’s character, Winnie the Pooh. Following that, they can take a lunch-hour trip back in time with a historical 1938 film about the town of Beaverton itself. In the afternoon, film-hungry folks can settle in for the historical war epic, PASSCHENDAELE, and the West Coast orca documentary, THE WHALE.

Before the evening’s main event, attendees will meet special guest Barbara-Glen Chapman, the widow of Academy Award-winning filmmaker Christopher Chapman. She will show her late husband’s 1967 film, A PLACE TO STAND, Oscar winner for “Best Live Action Short.” Originally screened at Montreal’s Expo 67, this film pioneered the “multi-dynamic image technique,” which you’ll certainly be familiar with if you’ve ever seen the opening of THE BRADY BUNCH. As if that isn’t impressive enough, Barbara-Glen will bring along the actual Oscar statue for guests to see in the flesh—er, gold, as it were.

Following A PLACE TO STAND, Beaverton’s mayor will be on hand to introduce the main event, a screening of EDWIN BOYD: CITIZEN GANGSTER, with a special treat: Some of the townsfolk who lived through the period covered by the film will there to share stories of what it was like to be around during the infamous gangster’s string of post-WWII heists.

With a day as packed as this, Beaverton really knows how to grab NCFD 150 by the tail!

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