What is NCFD?

NCFD is National Canadian Film Day – a day for all Canadians to celebrate this great country and the achievements of our talented filmmakers by watching a great Canadian film.

How do I sign up for NCFD?

You’ve come to the right place! NCFD is coming back on April 18, 2018 and registration is open. If you are interested in hosting a screening event, you can register or contact us at ncfd@reelcanada.ca to find out more about what we’re planning. We are happy to answer any of your questions and to help you get involved.

I participated in NCFD 150 last year. Will this year be the same?

Last year’s edition of National Canadian Film Day was unprecedented in size and scope. It was a signature project of Canada 150, and was the largest film festival in the world – ever! – with 1844 screening events held across Canada and internationally. It was a great party.

This year, the party continues in a new form. We’re encouraging all Canadians to embrace the spirit and mission of NCFD 150 and keep its legacy alive. We’re providing “do it yourself” toolkits and other resources to our partners, to help them put on their own awesome NCFD events.

I want to host a screening but don’t know how to get started. Do I need a venue? How do I choose a film? What’s the first step?

The first step is talking to one of our Outreach Coordinators and figuring out what you’d like to do and how we can help.

Contact us at ncfd@reelcanada.ca and get started.

How do I choose a film? Can you help me get a copy of it?

This year, we couldn’t think of anything more important to shine a spotlight on than the accomplishments of women in Canadian film – not just directors, but producers and writers. This conversation is timely, urgent and meaningful, and we want to keep it going and look toward a future in which women – and other underrepresented groups – find their voices and ways to tell their stories in greater numbers.

If you’d like to screen a film from our curated shortlist of female-led films, go to our films page and check out the options. But don’t forget that Canadian films are as diverse as the nation itself. We encourage you to explore them all and get in touch with us for recommendations. We’re sure you’ll find something you love.

Do I have to choose a film from the curated shortlist?

The curated shortlist of films by women is our spotlight for 2018, so securing the rights to screen these films and sending you copies of them is something we can guarantee. Of course, you are still free to choose any Canadian film that will suit your community, and we will do our best to help you secure the title you want. We can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to find any and every Canadian film that exists out there, but we’ll do our best and we will work with you to make sure you find something your audience will love.

Feel free to talk to us about your programming needs, ideas and options — we’re here to help.

What do you mean by “Canadian film”?

A Canadian film is film produced by Canadians – sometimes, this can be confusing, as Canada’s robust film industry does host film shoots from many other countries as well. If in doubt about whether a film is Canadian, just ask us!

What kind of support do you offer to your screening partners?

We encourage all our partners to host FREE screenings so that all Canadians have access to a great Canadian film on NCFD. If you do choose to host a FREE screening of a film (especially if you select the title from our curated shortlist), then we can help you cover various costs, including:

– The rights to screen the film(s)
– A copy of the film(s)
– A digital copy of the NCFD “pre-show” that all our partners are encouraged to show before their film(s)
– A “digital party kit” of online resources and marketing materials to help you promote your event, which can be found on our Screening Partner Resources page.
– Support from our team of coordinators who will talk you through the process of planning your event, and cheer you on!

To find out what we’re able to help with, get in touch.

What if we want to charge for a ticketed event?

We strongly encourage all events to be FREE, but if you are hosting a fundraiser or special event, we can talk you through some of the logistics of running a ticketed event. Get in touch and we can discuss all the options.

What if I want to show a TV show? Is that OK?

NCFD is about movies! We want all Canadians to celebrate the diversity and quality of Canadian films, so we encourage our partners to show films wherever possible. There’s an enormous wealth of feature films and short films from this country and we’d be happy to help you find ones that you are excited to show.

After all, the F in NCFD stands for “Film”!

What is the screening event confirmation deadline?

Our screening event confirmation deadline is Friday March 2, 2018!

There is still time to sign up, and we will still do our best to provide you with everything you will need to make a great event happen.

Will you help me promote my screening as well?

We want to help all our partners find their audiences. There are various ways we can help, depending on the size, scope, location and film selections for your event. Our website will list all the screenings across every province and territory, and our team would be happy to talk with you about ways that you can plug into our existing social media promotions in order to boost your own event. We will also send you posters to put up at the venue and offer suggestions for promoting your event through local media (radio, newspapers, etc).

If you would like to speak to someone about promotional ideas for your event, email our team to get the conversation started.