Recipes by Great Canadian Chefs, Inspired by Great Canadian Films

February 22, 2017

In celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday and National Canadian Film Day 150 (NCFD 150), we asked Canadian film-loving celebrity chefs and notable foodies from across the country to contribute recipes. The puns may be groan-inducing but the recipes are delicious!

Whether you’re in the mood for sweets or savouries, comedies or dramas, we’ve got you covered. Pick a recipe (or two) and pair it with a classic Canadian film to celebrate Canada in delicious style — on NCFD 150 (April 19, 2017) and beyond!

Happy National Canadian Film Day 150. Now get cooking!

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Bon Chop Bad Chop Salad, by Sylviane Galland

The Crustacean Invasions, by Chef Yannick Anton

Meatballs alla Meatballs, by Ariel Coplan

Pour la Soupe du Monde, by Chef Kyle Rice

Edwin Boyster Citizen Oyster, by Chef Joel Grandmont

Barney’s Best Brisket, by Amy Rosen

Bar Salmon, by Chef Christine Cushing

Men with Beans, by Chef Michael Hay

Lambo Italiano, by Julie Miguel

Crispy Baked Curling Fries, by Davida Kugelmass

Wings for Young Ghouls, by Lisa Bolton

The Grand Reduction, by Kris Gaudet

Thirty Two Short Films About Spicy Pasta, by Debbie Travis

Trailer Park Pops, by Paula Coop McCrory

Dumpling Happiness, by Stephanie Yee

C.O.O.K.I.E, by Adam Janes

The Apprenticeship of Cheesy Kravitz, by Armand Bernard

The Fool’s Word, by Mary Berg

De Pear en Duck, by King Cole Ducks

One Cake, by Chef Jenn Johns

My Internshrimp in Canada, by Chef Shahir Massoud

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