2022 Spotlight Films

Celebrating Indigenous Voices

This year we are delighted to be presenting our Spotlight in association with imagineNATIVE Film and Media Arts Festival. The Spotlight focuses on Indigenous-made cinema by filmmakers from many diverse nations across Canada. These films reflect a broad spectrum of stories and voices and span genres including: dramas, comedies, documentaries, coming-of-age stories, horror, and science fiction.

When Indigenous stories are told by Indigenous filmmakers, the result is authentic, self-determined cultural expression and the effects are inspirational, for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous audiences.

We hope that these films may provide an opportunity for dialogue and greater understanding of the realities and lived experiences of Indigenous people in Canada, but just as importantly, the movies themselves are simply great. We encourage you to explore the list. You might find an old favourite, or make a new discovery. We think there’s something on it for everyone.