21-year-old Ricardo (Boucher) is a screenwriting student in Montreal, where he dreams about striking up a romance with his classmate Marie-Ève (Gosselin). When she announces that she’ll be going on an exchange trip to Italy, Ricardo can only see one option for himself: to follow her – and his heart – on the trip, and perhaps reconnect with his own Italian roots along the way. Of course, nothing on the trip goes as he expects, and connecting with Marie-Ève seems farther away than before.

The charming and funny story is based on director Ricardo Trogi’s real coming of age experiences and was a box office smash and winner of the Golden Screen Award (for biggest box office gross of the year). The film was nominated for 16 Prix Iris awards and won five, including Best Film and Best Director.


(2018) Director: Ricardo Trogi. Screenwriter: Ricardo Trogi. Starring: Jean-Carl Boucher, Juliette Gosselin, Alexandre Nachi. 141 min. PG. French.