Goin’ Down the Road

Director: Donald Shebib Year: 1970 Run Time: 90min
Goin' Down the Road (Le voyage chimérique) (1970)

Joey (Bradley) and Peter (McGrath) are best friends from a small town in Nova Scotia. With their seasonal work becoming scarce, they decide to pack up their meagre belongings and head west to Toronto, where they’re convinced better luck awaits them. Finding work at a soda bottling plant, the duo try to adjust to the decidedly different pace of life in the big city. A charming yet realistic portrait of a very Canadian experience, Goin’ Down the Road is known as one of Don Shebib’s finest films, and has landed on the Toronto International Film Festival’s Top 10 Canadian Films of All Time list for four decades in a row.


Donald Shebib


William Fruet, Donald Shebib


Donald Shebib


Doug McGrath, Paul Bradley, Jayne Eastwood, Cayle Chernin






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Goin' Down the Road is filmed and set in Nova Scotia and Ontario. Don Shebib is from Ontario.

Ratings by Province:

NR Alberta
NR British Columbia
PG Manitoba
14A New Brunswick
14A Newfoundland and Labrador
14A Nova Scotia
NR Northwest Territories
NR Nunavut
NR Ontario
14A Prince Edward Island
G Québec
NR Saskatchewan
NR Yukon