La grande séduction (Seducing Doctor Lewis)

Director: Jean-François Pouliot Year: 2003 Run Time: 109min
La grande séduction (Seducing Doctor Lewis) (2003)

In this amiable comedy, the villagers of St. Marie-La-Mauderne in northern Quebec set out to seduce a Montreal doctor into becoming a local. Their once-prosperous fishing industry has run dry, and only the promise of a new plastics factory coming to town can keep the quaint and lively community intact.

Since the new factory requires a resident doctor to be on hand, the boisterous and resourceful mayor (Bouchard) sets out to keep Dr. Christopher Lewis (Boutin) in the village. Dr. Lewis, whose stay in the village was caused by a speeding ticket, is a man of eccentric tastes — he loves cricket, beef Stroganoff and women in open-toed sandals. The villagers set out to create a community that mirrors the habits and loves of the good doctor. Will they succeed?

Winner of the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival.

Staff Pick:

"The first film to represent perfectly what life was like growing up in small, French, coastal town. Delightful and hilarious!" —Melissa


Jean-François Pouliot


Ken Scott


Roger Frappier, Luc Vandal


Raymond Bouchard, David Boutin, Pierre Collin, Benoît Brière, Lucie Laurier


Comedy, Drama




EN Subtitles, FR Subtitles


La grande séduction (Seducing Doctor Lewis) is filmed and set in Quebec. Jean-François Pouliot is from Quebec.

Ratings by Province:

PG Alberta
PG British Columbia
PG Manitoba
14 New Brunswick
PG Newfoundland and Labrador
14 Nova Scotia
PG Northwest Territories
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14 Prince Edward Island
G Québec
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