Saint Ralph

Director: Michael McGowan Year: 2004 Run Time: 98min

Ralph is a fourteen year old who attends a catholic school in Hamilton, Ontario. His mom is sick, he's bullied at school, and his life isn't going so great. When Ralph discovers that he has a talent for running, he becomes convinced that he should run in the Boston Marathon. Told it would take a miracle for him to win this prestigious race, he connects the dots and decides that by winning he can also find a cure for his mom. But to pull off this seemingly impossible feat, the loner has to enlist the help of his whole community.


Michael McGowan


Michael McGowan


Teza Lawrence, Andrea Mann, Seaton McLean, Michael Souther


Adam Butcher


Comedy, Drama



Ratings by Province:

PG Alberta
PG British Columbia
PG Manitoba
NR New Brunswick
NR Newfoundland and Labrador
NR Nova Scotia
PG Northwest Territories
PG Nunavut
PG Ontario
NR Prince Edward Island
G Québec
PG Saskatchewan
PG Yukon