The Stone Angel

Director: Kari Skogland Year: 2007 Run Time: 116min

Margaret Laurence's much-lauded heroine Hagar Shipley may by 90 years old, but she is not ready to lie down and die just yet. When her son, Marvin (Dylan Baker), takes his mother to look at a nursing home, she takes it as her cue to leave her family behind and set out on one great last journey. Her mission is to locate the seaside home she remembers from her youth, but Hagar's memory is quickly fading, making it difficult for her to distinguish the past from the present. As she makes her way toward the seashore, Hagar realizes her time is running far too short to make up for a lifetime of unacknowledged mistakes.


Kari Skogland


Kari Skogland


Kari Skogland, Liz Jarvis


Ellen Burstyn, Dylan Baker, Sheila McCarthy, Judy Marshak





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