Vancouver International Film Festival

Longtime NCFD partner Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) is back this year with an exciting full-day lineup of events, including screenings of Forgotten Warriors, L’inhumain, and Big Giant Wave with special guest appearances from filmmakers Loretta Todd (Cree/Métis), Jason Brennan (Anishinaabe), and Marie-Julie Dallaire. All screenings are free!

For tickets and more information, see the VIFF website

All screenings are presented at the VIFF Centre, 1181 Seymour Street, Vancouver.

Full April 20th event listings: 

Scarborough (2021) | VanCity Theatre
1:15 PM

Stories We Tell (2012) | VanCity Theatre
4:00 PM

Forgotten Warriors (1997) | Studio Theatre
5:00 PM (followed by live Q&A with writer/director Loretta Todd) 

Big Giant Wave (2020) | VanCity Theatre
6:30 PM (followed by live Q&A with writer/director Marie-Julie Dallaire)

Forgotten Warriors (1997) | Studio Theatre
7:00 PM 

L’inhumain (2021) | VanCity Theatre
8:30 PM (followed by recorded Q&A with writer/director Jason Brennan)