Black Robe

Director Bruce Beresford
Year 1991
Run Time 101min
Genre Action/Adventure, Drama

This powerful drama follows Father Laforgue (Bluteau), a 17th-century priest, who embarks on a dangerous journey into the unfamiliar terrain of New France. Sent by Samuel de Champlain (Brousseau) to a remote Catholic mission in a Huron village, the young Jesuit travels with a group of Algonquin guides deep into the wilderness, where his religious values are tested against the life-threatening elements of the woods and physical trials that await him.

Written by Irish-Canadian author Brian Moore, who adapted his own novel of the same name, this Genie Award–winning film features beautiful cinematography of the Canadian wilderness and a complex thematic dissection of culture shock.


Bruce Beresford


Brian Moore


Tantoo Cardinal (Cree/Métis), Lothaire Bluteau, Aden Young, Sandrine Holt, August Schellenberg


Denis Héroux, Stéphane Reichel, Sue Milliken, Robert Lantos, Jake Ebert


Action/Adventure, Drama


BIPOC Stories, History

Original Language