Butterfly Tale

Director Sophie Roy
Year 2023
Run Time 88min
Genre Animation, Family
Patrick (Mena Massoud) is a butterfly with a dream: to take the journey of a lifetime and be a part of the great Monarch butterfly migration from Canada to Mexico! Unfortunately, he was born with a faulty, underdeveloped wing, so he can’t fly. Which means he can’t go…

Determined not to let his disability stop him, Patrick and his best friend, a goofy caterpillar named Marty (Lucinda Davis), stow away in a milkweed trailer to be part of the adventure. Facing challenges and trials along the way, Patrick faces his fear, embraces his uniqueness and overcomes adversity to become an unlikely hero!

Butterfly Tale is an inspiring animated adventure full of humour that reminds us that differences are less important than the bonds we share.


Sophie Roy


Heidi Foss, Lienne Sawatsky, Michael Solomon


Tatiana Maslany, Mena Massoud


Animation, Family


Bullying, Female Filmmaker

Original Languages

English, French