Giant Little Ones

Director: Keith Behrman Year: 2018 Run Time: 93min
Giant Little ones (2018)

Franky (Wiggins) and Ballas (Mann) have been best friends since childhood. Coming to high school, they are both beloved young stars on the swim team. Life is good and trouble-free until Franky's 17th birthday. During an evening of celebration, a defining incident changes the relationship between the two young men and forces the celebrant to re-examine his identity, his friends and his estranged relationship with his homosexual father (McLachlan) who is trying to get closer. 
Heartfelt and intimate, this film explores friendship, self-discovery and the power of unlabeled love. 


Keith Behrman


Keith Behrman


Allison Black


Josh Wiggins, Darren Mann, Taylor Hickson, Kyle MacLachlan, Maria Bello





Ratings by Province:

14A Alberta
14A British Columbia
14A Manitoba
14A New Brunswick
NR Newfoundland and Labrador
14A Nova Scotia
14A Northwest Territories
14A Nunavut
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14A Prince Edward Island
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14A Saskatchewan
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