Run Woman Run

Director: Zoe Leigh Hopkins (Heiltsuk/Mohawk) Year: 2021 Run Time: 100min

Beck (Hebert) finds her life upended by her father asking her to move out, a sudden health scare and the potential for a blossoming romance. As she is forced to reconsider her life choices, she decides to run a marathon to prove to herself and her community that she’s able to get back on track.

Guided by the ghost of her ancestor, legendary long distance runner Tom Longboat, she sets out on a journey that is both emotional and inspiring.

This new feature from Zoe Leigh Hopkins won the Audience Choice Award and Moon Jury Prize at imagineNATIVE.

“It’s one of the year’s best” – Alex Heeney, Seventh Row


Zoe Leigh Hopkins (Heiltsuk/Mohawk)


Zoe Leigh Hopkins (Heiltsuk/Mohawk)


Paula Devonshire (Mohawk), Pj Thornton, Laura Milliken (Ojibway)


Lorne Cardinal (Cree), Braeden Clarke (Cree), Asivak Koostachin (Cree/Inuk), Jayli Wolf (Anishinaabe), Dakota Ray Hebert (Dene)


Comedy, Drama, Romance




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