There Are No Fakes

Director Jamie Kastner
Year 2019
Run Time 113min
Genre Documentary

This mesmerizing and shocking art world exposé centres on the works of Norval Morrisseau, one of the most influential Indigenous artist in Canada. 

After spending $20,000 at a reputable Toronto gallery to purchase his Spirit Energy of Mother Earth, Kevin Hearn (of the Barenaked Ladies) was surprised to discover its authenticity being called into question. His decision to sue the art dealer spurs an investigation into the painting's provenance, and so begins the unravelling of an art fraud ring with fighting factions, all claiming to be the true protectors of the Anishinaabe painter's legacy—and all of whom happen to be white. 

Questions of authenticity, appropriation and exploitation underlay a devastating story about a visionary artist caught between worlds. As the legal case proceeds, shocking new revelations emerge, detailing damages that spread far beyond the canvas.


Jamie Kastner


Jamie Kastner




Arts and Culture, Biography, Social Justice & Politics

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