Director: Alan Zweig Year: 2000 Run Time: 110min

Alan Zweig’s cult favourite documentary mines the comedy and tragedy of obsessive record collecting, assembling an all-star lineup of audiophiles, store clerks, DJs, Elvis fanatics and hot jazz enthusiasts. A hard-core collector himself, Zweig uses mirror confessionals to excoriate his anti-social compulsion, while approaching his interview subjects with open-hearted compassion.

With this film, Zweig established his voice as a documentarian who is not content to be merely a fly on the wall in the lives of his subjects. Instead, he deploys the camera as a tool for engagement, rooting around in the margins of contemporary society to explore themes of beauty, addiction, love and longing in a profound and unique way.


Alan Zweig


Alan Zweig


Alan Zweig, Greg Klymkiw, Bruce McDonald, David McCallum


Alan Zweig, Harvey Pekar, Alan Williams, Don McKellar






Vinyl is filmed and set in Ontario, Quebec and Manitoba. Alan Zweig is from Ontario.

Ratings by Province:

NR Alberta
NR British Columbia
PG Manitoba
PG New Brunswick
PG Newfoundland and Labrador
PG Nova Scotia
NR Northwest Territories
NR Nunavut
NR Ontario
PG Prince Edward Island
NR Québec
NR Saskatchewan
NR Yukon