De père en flic (Father and Guns)

Director Émile Gaudreault
Year 2009
Run Time 107min
Genre Action/Adventure, Comedy, Drama
Jacques (Côté) and Marc (Houde) are father-and-son cops who don't exactly get along, but when a fellow officer is kidnapped by a biker gang, they're forced to partner up in order to save his life.

The pair infiltrates an outdoor camp for fathers and sons to snag Charles Bérubé (Girard), the biker gang's lawyer. As Jacques and Marc try to locate their missing colleague, they find the camp's bonding activities are having an emotional and hilarious impact on their own relationship.

De père en flic is the highest-grossing French-language film in Canadian history.

"A can't-miss buddy comedy about a pair of dysfunctional father-son cops who are forced to go undercover at a touchy-feely bonding retreat...a genuinely amusing hybrid." — Michael Rechtshaffen, Hollywood Reporter


Émile Gaudreault

Gaudreault co-wrote Louis 19, le roi des ondes, which Ron Howard adapted into EDtv. Gaudreault both co-wrote and directed De pere en flic (the highest-grossing French-language film in Canadian history), Le vrai du faux, Le sens de l'humour and Mambo Italiano, which earned six Canadian Comedy Award nominations. He also wrote and directed De père en flic 2, and most recently, the comedy Menteur. He also co-wrote the upcoming Lignes de fuite, and is producing the English-language remake of De père en flic, Fathers and Guns.


Émile Gaudreault, Ian Lauzon


Michel Côté, Louis-José Houde, Rémy Girard, Patrick Drolet, Caroline Dhavernas


Denise Robert, Daniel Louise


Action/Adventure, Comedy, Drama


Family Relationships

Original Language