Director: George McCowan Year: 1971 Run Time: 112min
Face Off (1971)

In his rookie season in the NHL playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs, Billy Duke (Art Hindle) finds the adjustment from the minor leagues is harder to deal with than expected. To complicate matters further, he becomes smitten with a professional singer, Sherri Lee Nelson (Trudy Young) and must balance his new relationship with his hockey dreams. While Sherri is concerned with the roughness of his chosen profession, his coach is worried about her effect on him, forcing him to make the ultimate decision: Love or Hockey?

Featuring the 1970 Maple Leafs players as part of the cast as well as other NHL legends of the time such as Bobby Hull, Jean Beliveau and Gordie Howe, Face-Off is one of the great hockey movies and a unique look into the National Hockey League of almost 50 years ago.


George McCowan


George Robertson


John F. Bassett


Art Hindle, Trudy Young, John Vernon, George Armstrong





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