Fubar II

Director: Michael Dowse Year: 2010 Run Time: 85min
Fubar II (2010)

Years after the original Fubar, best friends and headbangers Terry (Spence) and Dean (Lawrence) are tired of barely scraping by. When they hear of the lucrative opportunity to head up north to Fort McMurray to find jobs in the oil industry, the mullet-sporting buds jump at the chance to strike it rich.

But life in “Fort Mac” is more complicated than the duo anticipated. While they’re blowing their earnings at the pub, Terry meets a woman and is soon reorganizing his life’s priorities, but risks leaving his best friend Dean behind.

What will become of Night Seeker, the duo’s band (that Dean is confident will make the big time)? And what will happen to this legendary friendship? If you’re ready to give’r once again, Fubar II will shock and delight with its comic hijinks and surprising emotional depth.


Michael Dowse


Michael Dowse, David Lawrence, Paul Spence


George Baptist, Michael Dowse, Jennifer Wilson, Shirley Vercruysse


David Lawrence, Terra Hazelton, Paul Spence






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Fubar II is filmed and set in Alberta. Michael Dowse is from Ontario.

Ratings by Province:

18A Alberta
18A British Columbia
14A Manitoba
14A New Brunswick
NR Newfoundland and Labrador
14A Nova Scotia
18A Northwest Territories
18A Nunavut
18A Ontario
14A Prince Edward Island
13+ Québec
18A Saskatchewan
NR Yukon