John and the Missus

Director: Gordon Pinsent Year: 1987 Run Time: 100min

The residents of a small town in Newfoundland are devastated when the local mine — their close-knit community’s only source of work — is closed. The government wants the workers to relocate, and without many other options to choose from, most accept the settlement they’re offered and prepare to move.

But one obstinate miner (Pinsent) refuses to accept this fate — or the meagre government payout — and with the support of his “Missus” (Burroughs), decides to dig in his heels and stay behind in a seemingly futile attempt to save his town… and his home.

Unfolding slowly with deep affection for life in this remote town, John and the Missus is a true Canadian classic and features a tour-de-force performance from Pinsent, who won a Genie Award for the role."

Staff Pick:

"The legendary Pinsent at his best and most fearless. Local and universal, it is a deep and emotional exploration of the meaning of a place. What does it mean to have, and to lose, a home?" —Jack B.


Gordon Pinsent


Gordon Pinsent


Jonathon M.B. Hunter, Peter O'Brian


Gordon Pinsent, Jackie Burroughs, Roland Hewgill






John and the Missus is filmed and set in Newfoundland. Gordon Pinsent is from Newfoundland.

Ratings by Province:

NR Alberta
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NR Manitoba
14 New Brunswick
NR Newfoundland and Labrador
14 Nova Scotia
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14 Prince Edward Island
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